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About Solid Trade Crypto

We are a group of expert traders, currently we are more than 100 people analyzing the market an d obtaining the best profits. We trade currencies and cryptocurrencies, in turn we analyze and operate with shares of the most important companies that fell due to the pandemic, we are regulated to buy and sell shares in California.


  • Team of expert traders
  • Currency and cryptocurrency trading
  • Purchase and sale of shares in the short / medium term.

Team Members

Here you will see the elite of SolidTradeCrypto

Calvin Carlo
Mirium Codex
Jafrin Zucarit
Trading Leader
Cristino Murphy
Shareholder Leader

Frequently asked

How do they use investors' money?

Investors' money is used for currency and cryptocurrency trading, in turn for buying and selling shares.

Are they regulated to operate?

We have regulations in California, which allow us to do our jobs freely both in trading and buying and selling stocks.

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